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Friday, September 1, 2017

My Personal Housing Crisis

My Personal Housing Crisis

I really like the Champs Elysee in Paris.

I very much would like to buy a condo-apartment there.

But they are too expensive for me.

That is $8,000,000 in "real" money!
Look at the following picture - do you see any high rises where I want to live?  Right!  There aren't any!  They limit building height to only 5 stories!

I therefore declare it my personal housing crisis, and accuse everyone in Paris of being a NIMBY for not building a lot of high rises.  They should build lots of high rise apartments so the rent will be cheap like it is in Hong Kong and Manhattan!!

Lots of apartments like these will lower rents!
Some people ask why I don't live in Hong Kong or Manhattan if I like it so much.  Stupid question!  Because they are ugly!
Hong Kong - Eww!  Who wants to live there?
Manhattan - no taste, no class.  Bor-r-ring!
Paris has taste and elegance.  But they limit buildings to 5 stories!!  How mean!  Don't they realize building lots of high rises is necessary for the future growth of a city?  A City Must Grow Forever, else it will become like Detroit!  Just look at the graph below!! See, NYC stabilized in population in the 1950s and that is why it is in decay.  And Manhattan has lost population since 1915....

and that's why NYC, and especially Manhattan, is a disaster economically ...
And Paris lost people too!
That's why Paris is such a wreck and tourists never, ever go there!

(Did you really need a graphic on that, too??  I mean, come on!)

So, Paris people!  You are all NIMBYs! Build lots of high rise apartment buildings because I want to live there!

And don't say you want to "preserve neighborhood character" because that is just a way to keep me out!  (I read that somewhere on the internet - so it must be true.)

Neighborhood Character - whatever that is!
(Notice: this post may contain irony which is not known by the State of California to cause cancer - but, hey! you can never be sure, right?)