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Tuesday, April 11, 2017

LUTE - Population Increase and Jobs

Sunnyvale LUTE is found here:

Two items:

1.  Table 1 (below) shows that the 2035 projected buildout calls for a 51% increase in jobs.  If ABAG or MTC or some other state agency says we have to maintain the 1.44 Jobs/Housing ratio we have now, then they could require a 51% increase in housing to approximately 225,000 population.  Since CalTrans (among others) recommended 1.44, it would seem likely that MTC and ABAG would also.

The projected growth in housing is in the table below uses 1.8 persons per household although currently the figure used is 2.6 persons per household.  I have asked for but been given no evidence that this is experimentally observable in the new housing additions.  If 2.6 is in fact how many we can expect per housing unit, then the 2035 population will be 187,000 not 174,500 even if ABAG does not require the equivalent of a 1.44 Jobs/Housing ratio:
2.  Email received yesterday from a concerned citizen:

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I am seriously concerned about the low priority given in the LUTE to family cars. I feel this area is suburbia and set up to use cars as a primary means of transport for families. Buses and bikes are not practical for families driving to soccer practice or getting 5 bags of groceries.

Policies 26-28 reduce parking for cars

Policy 31 Action1 now states possible paid parking in “transit rich” residential neighborhood without giving the definition. Is my neighborhood “transit rich” and would I be required to pay to park in front of my own house?

Policy 34 ,35,40 on traffic calming measures and lowest possible speed limit, road diet These do not promote efficient movement within the city People sitting idling in their cars in traffic is the worst for green house gasses!

Goal E Village Centers: what is the height limit on these if close to residential single family homes?

Goal H Healthy Living: Policy 67 Action 4 Raising livestock, poultry and bees in residential areas Then what? Slaughter in own home? Smells from livestock in neighborhood? Large flies? People allergic to bees? All this in a high density apartment or condo? Crazy!

Reducing sprawl is a major goal of the LUTE, yet Sunnyvale is already sprawled! It has been since the 60’s. So adding more high density housing and office does not un-sprawl Sunnyvale, it only makes it like a large city with traffic, crime, noise and pollution to follow.
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