Sunday, November 13, 2016

"Green" Car Reports - November 2016

One of my favorite "green" web sites is GreenCarReports.  Three recent articles:

1. "Global oil demand could peak by 2020, says Shell"

"We've long been of the opinion that demand will peak before supply," Shell CFO Simon Henry said in a conference call last week.

That peak could occur "somewhere between five and 15 years hence," Henry said, and will be driven by "efficiency and substitution."

2. Electric cars pose 'resoundingly negative' threat to oil companies: analyst Fitch

It goes without saying that mass adoption of electric cars would lead to a massive decrease in oil consumption over time.  So far, though, the oil industry hasn't seemed to give plug-in electric cars much attention.

But a leading credit agency believes the oil industry should view electric cars as a much more serious threat.
Fitch Ratings believes electric cars pose a "resoundingly negative" threat to oil companies, and that the industry should plan for "radical change," according to the Financial Times (subscription required).

3. Toyota to offer electric car in 2020 as fuel-cell sales struggle

Toyota is a eyeing a "full-scale" entry into the electric-car market, according to Nikkei.  This will reportedly begin with an electric car, apparently a small SUV, to be introduced at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics.

Toyota aims to develop an EV that can run more than 300km on a single charge. The platform for models such as the Prius hybrid or Corolla sedan is being considered for use in building an electric sport utility vehicle
Volkswagen has announced a plan to have EVs account for almost 25% of sales by 2025, up from 1% now