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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Climate Action: 1 - Polls

Public Opinion

Looking at the polls on climate change, and solar panels among the general public and among conservative Republicans we find broad support for more solar on roof-tops among all segments of the population.

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This is part 1 of a series.  Part two is here:

What is popular opinion on clean energy?

But before answering that, how many believe climate change is real?
Great!  So by now almost everyone accepts climate change as real.

So is the public for doing something about it?

Absolutely!  Even 75% of Trump supporters are for it (see below).
Here is a recent (2016) survey of US opinion on solar and wind power:

89% favor solar to 9% oppose
83% favor wind to 14% oppose

More homeowners - 44% in the US overall, 66% in the Western US - have either installed or are considering installing solar panels.

Americans are looking at solar to save money (90%) and to help the environment (87%).
From another survey:
"Of the group of respondents in our survey who said they either had installed or intended to install solar equipment, 73% said they plan to do so within the next three years. Businesses – with their larger power needs – are moving even faster, with 70% planning to move ahead in two years or less."

Another survey:
"75 percent of Trump voters support "action to accelerate the deployment and use of clean energy" -- including solar, wind, energy efficiency, and community renewable projects."

And 86% of all voters support accelerating the development of clean energy including the majority of the GOP base.  Almost 60% strongly support it:
Gallup polling shows all time high support for clean energy - majorities of both Democrats and Republicans.
So why are politicians waiting?  We have San Francisco mandating solar panels on new construction: